Atoka API User Reference

Companies package "Base"

API tokens are configured to access only the packages each user needs; this means you might not have access to the content of this package. Ask your sales contact!

Available fields
Used by filters

is the company active?

- active
activeAtoka Private field

custom definition of "activity" specific for Atoka; it is more restrictive, marking as "inactive" companies that have ongoing proceedings such as bankruptcy or similar

- activeAtoka Private field

Activity status of the company

"string" -
activityStatus.since Private field

Date on which the company entered the activity status

date -
agcm.expirationDate Private field

expiration date for the current rating. A company can request to be assigned (or reassigned) the rating to the AGCM, and once given the rating is valid for 2 years. AGCM also updates the rating every week

date -
agcm.outcome Private field

Result of the rating, one of [ "Non applicabilità della legge", "Rating Attribuito", "Rating Revocato", "Rating Rinnovato"]

"string" -
agcm.procedureNumber Private field

Procedure number

"string" -
agcm.rating Private field

legality rating expressed in "<nr_star>.<nr_plus>". For the meaning of star and plus see the glossary or visit the AGCM website

"string" agcmRatingMin agcmRatingMax
agcm.ratingDescription Private field

symbolic representation of the rating legality rating (e.g. "**+")

"string" -
agcm.renewing Private field

is the rating currenlty going through in renewal phase?

true | false -
agcm.updateTime Private field

latest time the rating was assigned

date -
agcm.visitTime Private field

latest time we downloaded the rating data

date -
alternateNames[] Private field

list of alternative names for this company

- -
alternateNames[].best Private field

Indicates if the alternate name is the best (in terms of Atoka)

true | false -
alternateNames[].lpScore Private field

score of the alternative name

float -
alternateNames[].name Private field

alternative name for this company

"string" -
ateco[] - -

ATECO 2007 code (the most specific one)

"string" -

short description of ATECO 2007 code

"string" -

the class of the ATECO 2007 code

"string" -
businessDescription Private field

Description of main business activity of the company

"string" -
businessDescriptionContent[] Private field

Pieces of relevant business description content for result of full-text search with businessDescriptionContent param (with optional highlight of the match)

- businessDescriptionContent businessDescriptionContentTag businessDescriptionContentTagStart businessDescriptionContentTagEnd

forms, together with rea, the company identification info given by the Italian Chamber of Commerce (this is REA province code, e.g. "TN" for "Trento")

- regNumbers cciaa

when the company started its activity

- ageMin ageMax foundedFrom foundedTo age ageUnknown

public administration code (if the company is a PA)

- govCodes

official ISTAT type of the public administration (if the company is a PA)

- govTypes govTypesExclude

whether the company is part of a company group or not (the whole group can be retrieved with the cervedGroups package)

true | false -

legal status class of the company (e.g. "Società Di Capitale")

- legalClasses legalClassesExclude
legalForms[] - -

level 1 is the same as the 'legalClass' field, it's included here for retro-compatibility but its usage is deprecated

int -

legal status of the company (e.g. "Società In Accomandita Semplice")

"string" legalForms

legal name of the company

- name namePrefix nameQuery
nace[] - nace naceExclude

most specific NACE code

"string" -

short description of NACE Code

"string" -

the code of the root

"string" -

is the company a no rea?

- noRea
noReaInfo.activities[] Private field "string" noReaActivities noReaActivitiesExclude
noReaInfo.forms[] Private field "string" noReaForms noReaFormsExclude
oggettoSociale Private field

Oggetto Sociale of the company

"string" -
oggettoSocialeContent[] Private field

Pieces of relevant website content for results of full-text search with oggettoSocialeContent param (with optional highlight of the match).

- oggettoSocialeContent oggettoSocialeContentTag oggettoSocialeContentTagStart oggettoSocialeContentTagEnd
okved2001[].code Private field

most specific Okved 2001 (Russian Economic Activities Classification System) code

"string" -
okved2001[].description Private field

short description of Russian OKVED 2001 Code

"string" -
okved2014[] Private field - okved2014 okved2014Exclude
okved2014[].code Private field

most specific Okved 2014 (Russian Economic Activities Classification System) code

"string" -
okved2014[].description Private field

short description of Russian OKVED 2014 Code

"string" -
okved2014[].rootCode Private field

the code of the root

"string" -
pec[] Private field

list of certified email addresses associated to this company (Italian PEC, Posta Elettronica Certificata)

- -

forms, together with cciaa, the company identification info given by the Italian Chamber of Commerce (REA standing for "Repertorio Economico Amministrativo")

- regNumbers

distance from the passed coordinates

int distance

complete address of this location

"string" -

hamlet of this location

"string" -

latitude for this location

float lat

precision of the geolocation data ('lat' and 'lon')

int -

longitude for this location

float lon

macro region for this location

"string" macroregions macroregionsExclude anyAddress=false

municipality for this location

"string" municipalities municipalitiesExclude anyAddress=false

postcode for this location

"string" postcodes postcodesExclude anyAddress=false

province for this location

"string" provinces provincesExclude anyAddress=false

code of the province for this location

"string" -

region for this location

"string" regions regionsExclude anyAddress=false

state for this location

"string" -

name of the street where the company is located

"string" -

number of building where the company is located

"string" -

toponym describing the address (e.g. 'via', 'piazza' etc.)

"string" -
sicUk[] Private field - sicUk sicUkExclude
sicUk[].code Private field

most specific U.K. SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code

"string" -
sicUk[].description Private field

short description of U.K. SIC code

"string" -
sicUk[].rootCode Private field

the code of the root

"string" -
signs[] - signs signsQuery

the "signs" ("insegne") identifying a company

"string" -

is the company a startup?

- startup

the tax ID ("codice fiscale") of the company

- taxIds regNumbers

the VAT ID ("partita IVA") of the company

- vat regNumbers
Example JSON fragment for package
"rea": "foo",
"cciaa": "foo",
"vat": "foo",
"taxId": "foo",
"legalForms": [
"level": 42,
"name": "foo"
"legalClass": "foo",
"legalName": "foo",
"alternateNames": [
"name": "foo",
"lpScore": 0.42,
"best": false
"signs": [
"sign": "foo"
"startup": false,
"govCode": "foo",
"govType": "foo",
"active": false,
"activeAtoka": false,
"ateco": [
"code": "64.92.09",
"description": "altre attività creditizie nca",
"rootCode": "G"
"sicUk": [
"code": "600",
"description": "growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers",
"rootCode": "G"
"okved2014": [
"code": "95.25.2",
"description": "ремонт ювелирных изделий",
"rootCode": "N"
"okved2001": [
"code": "92.12",
"description": "прокат фильмов"
"founded": "2015-12-24",
"nace": [
"code": "68",
"description": "Real estate activities",
"rootCode": "N"
"registeredAddress": {
"fullAddress": "foo",
"toponym": "foo",
"streetName": "foo",
"streetNumber": "foo",
"hamlet": "foo",
"postcode": "foo",
"municipality": "foo",
"province": "foo",
"provinceCode": "foo",
"region": "foo",
"macroregion": "foo",
"state": "foo",
"lat": 0.42,
"lon": 0.42,
"latlonPrecision": 42,
"distance": 42
"pec": [
"activityStatus": {
"name": "foo",
"since": "2015-12-24"
"inGroup": false,
"oggettoSociale": "foo",
"oggettoSocialeContent": [
"businessDescription": "foo",
"businessDescriptionContent": [
"agcm": {
"updateTime": "2015-12-24",
"visitTime": "2015-12-24",
"renewing": false,
"expirationDate": "2015-12-24",
"procedureNumber": "foo",
"outcome": "foo",
"rating": "foo",
"ratingDescription": "foo"
"noRea": false,
"noReaInfo": {
"activities": [
"forms": [