Atoka API User Reference

Companies Root Fields

These fields do not belong to a specific package, but are always returned for each company regardless the value of param packages

API tokens are configured to access only the packages each user needs; this means you might not have access to the content of this package. Ask your sales contact!

Available fields
Used by filters

is the company active?

true | false active

is this company born in the last 15 days? (data could be partial for these companies)

true | false -
cervedId Private field

Cerved ID (if present) of company

int -
country "it", "no", "at", "be", "ch", "cz", "de", "dk", "es", "fr", "gb", "gr", "hu", "ie", "nl", "pl", "pt", "ro", "se", "si", "sk" -

Full address of the company

"string" -

Unique ID that you can use throughout the API endpoints to reference to a specific company

"string" -
ids[] Private field

All IDs that you can use throughout the API endpoints to reference to a specific company

"string" -

Cleaned name of the company

"string" -
obfuscated This field is deprecated

true iff this company was obfuscated, so that it is not possible to know any detail about it.

true | false -
score Private field

item score; present only when filtering by some textual field (eg: name or namePrefix) where it's important to rank items based on "how much" they match the input query (when filtering by exact match, such as ateco=A, there is no need to score items as all those returned will have the same characteristics).

This field is only available in the search API, and is semantically different from the confidence field available in the match API: confidence is a number from 0 to 1 expressing how sure we are that a specific item matches the input criteria, while score is a boundless positive number that should be used only for ranking.

float -
Example JSON fragment for package
"id": "6da785b3adf219770c9e",
"ids": [
"active": false,
"cervedId": 1015245,
"country": "it",
"fullAddress": "Via Garibaldi, 1, 01234, Roma (RM)",
"name": "ACME S.p.A.",
"baby": false,
"obfuscated": false,
"score": 42