Atoka API User Reference

Companies package "Atoka Indicators"

API tokens are configured to access only the packages each user needs; this means you might not have access to the content of this package. Ask your sales contact!

Available fields
Used by filters
personCentralityScore.score Private field

Normalized score from 0 to 100. A score of 60 means that the person has larger PageRank than 60% of people More details in the glossary

float personCentralityScoreMin personCentralityScoreMax
personCentralityScore.scoreLabel Private field

text representation of the score, values can be: top, high, medium, low

"string" personCentralityScores
personCentralityScore.updateTime Private field

last update time for score

date -
Example JSON fragment for package
"personCentralityScore": {
"score": 0.42,
"scoreLabel": "foo",
"updateTime": "2015-12-24"